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Otto Breustedt

Schladen, est. 1878

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Source: Hillmann, Paul. 1910. Die deutsche landwirtschaftliche Pflanzenzucht. Berlin: Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (p.342-344) view the source
spacer- Organisation Type private
spacer- Director Breustedt, Otto (1855 - 1925)
spacer- Context agriculture
spacer- Partners / Supply Schottland
Experimental Station of the Swedish Seed Association Svalöf
spacer- Station Size (ha) 1800
spacer- Proving Grounds
spacer- Laboratories laboratory (unspec.)
spacer- Cereals rye (gen.); wheat (gen.); barley (gen.); oats
spacer- Legumes
spacer- Field Roots sugar beets; potatos
spacer- other Species
spacer- Breeding Methods mass selection; pedigree
spacer- Instruments polarisation device; devices for alcoholic digestion; microscopes;
spacerRecords & Collections photographies
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ISSN 1866-4784: reference - xlink