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Krogh, August. 1930. Institute of Physiology, University of Copenhagen. 1930
Krogh, Marie. 1913. Die Harnstoffbestimmung im Harn mit Natriumhypobromit. 1913
Krogh, August. 1923. Determination of Standard (Basal) Metabolism of Patients by a Recording Apparatus. 1923
Krogh, August. 1906-07. Über die Bildung freien Stickstoffes bei der Darmgärung. 1906-07
Krogh, August. 1904. Apparate und Methoden zur Bestimmung der Aufnahme von Gasen im Blute bei verschiedenen Spannungen der Gase: Nebst einer Normalcurve für die Sauerstoffaufnahme des Pferdeblutes bei Spannungen von 0 bis 150 mm. 1904
Krogh, August. 1918-1919. The number and distribution of capillaries in muscle with calculations of the oxgen pressure head necessary for supplying the tissue. 1918-1919
Krogh, August. 1906. Experimental researches on the expiration of free nitrogen from the body. 1906
Krogh, August and Marie Krogh. 1910. On the tensions of gases in the arterial blood. 1910
Krogh, August. 1919-1920. Studies of the capillariomotor mechanisme: I. The reaction to stimuli and the innervation of the blood. 1919-1920
Krogh, August. 1910. On the mechanism of the gas-exchange in the lungs. 1910
Krogh, August, Johannes Lindhard, Göran Liljestrand and Knud Gad Andresen. 1920. XXX. The relative value of fat and carbonhydrate as sources of muscular energy: With appendices on the correlation between standard metabolism and the respiratory quotient during rest and work. 1920
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