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His, Wilhelm

Basel, Switzerland

Leipzig, Germany

Degrees: M.D., University of Basel, 1855
Career: 1849 studies of medicine at the universities of Basel, Bern and Berlin (under Johannes Müller and Robert Remak); 1852-53 at the University of Würzburg for his clinical training; visits to Prague and Vienna, where he met Ernst von Brücke and Karl Rokitansky; 1854 physicians' examination in Basel; 1855 dissertation which dealt with the normal and pathological histology of the cornea; 1855-56 stay at Paris where he met Claude Bernard, Berthelot and Brown-Séquard; return to Basel; 1856-57 qualification as a lecturer in anatomy and physiology; 1857 visitor in Graefe's ophthalmological clinic in Berlin where he worked on the histology of the eye; 1857 professor of anatomy and physiology at Basel in succession to Georg Meissner; 1863 member of the city parliament of Basel, responsible for reorganizing the city following typhus and cholera epidemics; 1865-66 adviser on sewerage, cemeteries and school hygiene; 1872 chair of anatomy at the University of Leipzig in succession to Ernst Heinrich Weber; 1875 new anatomy laboratory opened; 1869-70 vice-chancellor of the University of Basel and from 1882-83 of the University of Leizig; co-founder and several times perpetual secretary of the mathematics and physics section of the Royal Saxon Society of Sciences; 1891 president of the Society of German Scientists and Physicians.
Selected works: His, Wilhelm. 1865. Die Häute und Höhlen des Körpers. Basel His, Wilhelm. 1874. Unsere Körperform und das physiologische Problem ihrer Entstehung. Briefe an einen befreundeten Naturforscher. Leipzig His, Wilhelm. 1880-85. Anatomie menschlicher Embryonen. Leipzig His, Wilhelm. 1895. Die anatomische Nomenklatur. Leipzig His, Wilhelm. 1895. Johann Sebastian Bach, Forschungen über dessen Grabstätte, Gebeine und Antlitz. Leipzig
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Sources: Schmidt ; DSB
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