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Hertwig, Richard Carl Wilhelm Theodor Ritter von

Friedberg, Germany

Schlederlohe, Germany

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Degrees: Dr. med. 1872; Dr. phil. 1875 Habilitation 1875
Career: Younger brother of Oscar Hertwig; 1868-1871 studied medicine and zoology at the universities of Jena (under Ernst Haeckel), Zürich and Bonn together with Oscar, where both received their M.D. in 1872; 1872 assistant of Max Schultze (again together with his brother) at the anatomical institute in Bonn; 1875 Ph.D. and Habilitation in Jena, where he became assoc. professor for zoology in 1878; 1881 professor for zoology at the University of Königsberg (Kaliningrad); 1883 professor for zoology at the University of Bonn; 1885 professor for zoology and director of the Institute for Zoology at the University of Munich; 1925 retired.
Selected works: Hertwig, O. und R. Hertwig. 1881. Die Coelomtheorie. Biologisches Centralblatt 1: 18-21
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Sources: Schmidt ; Image: Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin: Collection of Portraits - HBSB ZI B I/5
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ISSN 1866-4784: reference - xlink