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Henle, Friedrich Gustav Jacob

Fürth, Germany

Göttingen, Germany

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Degrees: M.D., University of Bonn, 1832
Career: 1827 studies of medicine at the University of Bonn; 1830 at the University of Heidelberg; 1831 return to Bonn and doctorate under Johannes Müller; trip to Paris with Müller where they met Cuvier and Dutrochet; 1832 M.D. at Bonn with a dissertation on the pupil membrane and the blood vessels within the eye; 1833 state medical examination passed in Berlin and afterwards assistant to Müller; 1834 Müller's prosector at the Anatomical Institute; 1837 qualification as lecturer in Berlin with a Habilitationsschrift on the epithelium of the intestinal villi; 1840 professor of anatomy and physiology at Zurich, where Albert Koelliker was his prosector; 1844 professor of anatomy and physiology at Heidelberg along with Friedrich Tiedemann; after Tiedemann's retirement director of the Anatomical Institute; from 1852 until his death at the University of Göttingen.
Selected works: Henle, Friedrich Gustav Jacob. 1838. Ueber die Ausbreitung des Epithelium im menschlichen Körper. Archiv für Anatomie, Physiologie und wissenschaftliche Medicin: 103-128 Henle, Friedrich Gustav Jacob. 1846-1853. Handbuch der rationellen Pathologie. Braunschweig Henle, Friedrich Gustav Jacob. 1855-1871. Handbuch der systematischen Anatomie des Menschen. Braunschweig Henle, Friedrich Gustav Jacob. 1939. Vergleichend-anatomische Beschreibung des Kehlkopfes mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des Kehlkopfes der Reptilien. Leipzig Henle, Friedrich Gustav Jacob. 1840. Pathologische Untersuchungen. Berlin
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Sources: Schmidt ; DSB ; Image: Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin: Collection of Portraits - HBSB ZM B I/243
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