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Gaskell, Walter Holbrook

Neapel, Italy

Cambridge, UK

Degrees: B.A. in mathematics, Trinity College, 1865; M.D., University of Cambridge, 1878
Career: 1865 studied mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A. 1869) and then medicine (under Foster); 1872-1874 assistant physician, University College Hospital, London; 1874 assistant of Ludwig at the physiological institute, University of Leipzig; 1875 returned to Cambridge; 1878 M.D., University of Cambridge; 1881 Croonian lecturer, Royal Society, London; 1883-1914 lecturer of physiology and later prelector of natural sciences, University of Cambridge.
Selected works: Gaskell, Walter H. 1876. Über die Änderungen des Blutstroms in den Muskeln durch die Reizung ihrer Nerven. Arbeiten aus der Physiologischen Anstalt zu Leipzig: 45-88 Gaskell, Walter H. 1876. Über die Wand der Lymphcapillaren. Arbeiten aus der Physiologischen Anstalt zu Leipzig: 143-146 Gaskell, Walter H. 1877. On the Vasomotor Nerves of Striated Muscles. In: Studies from the Physiological Laboratory in the University of Cambridge, edited by University of Cambridge, Physiological Laboratory, 132 ff. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Gaskell, W. H. 1882. The croonian lecture: On the rhythm of the heart of the frog, and on the nature of the action of the vagus nerve. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 173: 993-1033 Gaskell, Walter H. 1886. On the structure, distribution, and function of the nerves which innervate the visceral and vascular system. The journal of physiology 7: 1-80
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