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Foster, Michael

Huntingdon, UK

London, UK

Degrees: M.D., University College London, 1859
Career: 1852 entered University College in London; 1854 BA graduation; 1854 entered the medical school at University College; 1858 M.B.; 1859 M.D.; 1859-61 studies of clinical medicine in the Paris hospital schools; 1860 signed on as ship's surgeon of H.M.S. Union; 1861 return to Huntingdon; 1861-66 medical practice with his father in Huntingdon; 1867 instructor in practical physiology and histology at University College under William Sharpey; 1869 professor of physiology and histology and Fullerian professor of physiology at the Royal Institution in succession to Thomas Henry Huxley; 1870 upon Huxley's recommendation appointed to a newly established prelectorship in physiology at Trinity College, Cambridge; 1876 co-founder of the British Physiological Society; 1878 foundation of the Journal of Physiology which he edited until 1894; 1881 biological secretary of the Royal Society; 1883 first chair of physiology at Trinity College; 1903 resignation; president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1899), 1903-04 vice-president of the Royal Society (1903-04) and further activities in national and international organizations of science; honorary doctorates from the universities of Glasgow, St. Andrews, McGill and Dublin.
Selected works: Foster, Michael. 1872. Ueber einen besonderen Fall von Hemmungswirkung. Archiv für die gesammte Physiologie des Menschen und der Thiere 5: 191-195 Foster, Michael. 1869. Note on the Action of the Interrupted Current on the Ventricle of the Frog's Heart. Journal of Anatomy and Physiology 3: 400-401 Foster, Michael and A. G. Dew-Smith. 1877. Die Muskeln und Nerven des Herzens bei einigen Mollusken. Archiv für mikroskopische Anatomie und Entwicklungsgeschichte 14: 317-321 Foster, M. and A. G. Dew-Smith. 1875. On the Behaviour of the Hearts of Mollusks under the Influence of Electric Currents. Proceedings of the Royal Society 23: 586-594 Foster, Michael. 1876. Some Effects of Upas Antiar on the Frog's Heart. Journal of Anatomy and Physiology 10: 586-594
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Sources: Schmidt ; DSB
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