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Babinski, Joseph Francois Felix



Degrees: M.D. University of Paris, 1885
Career: 1885 M.D. in Paris with a dissertation on multiple sklerosis, a topic suggested by Vulpian; 1895-1922 worked at the Hopital de la Pitie, Paris as its director, and, because he was free of teaching duties, dedicated himself thoroughly to the symptomathology of neurology; 1903 described a pathological reflex of the toes which was later named Babinski's Sign;1907 founded the Societé de Neurologie in Paris; 1914 member of the Academy of Medecine.
Selected works: Babinski. 1890. La suggestion dans l'hynotisme, Discussion. In: Congrès international de psychologie physiologique, edited by Société des psychologie physiologique de Paris, 131-139. Paris: Société d'éditions scientifiques Babinski, Joseph F. 1896. Sur le réflexe cutané plantaire dans certaines affections organiques du système nerveux central. Comptes rendus des séances et mémoires de la Société de Biologie 48: 207-208
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