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Abderhalden, Emil



Degrees: M.D. 1902, University of Basel, Habilitation 1904, University of Berlin
Career: Studied medicine at the University of Basel from 1895 until 1902; received his M.D. from the University of Basel in 1902; 1902 became assistant of Emil Fischer in Berlin and "Privatdozent"in 1904; went to the "Tierärztliche Hochschule Berlin" in 1911, following Hermann Munk on the chair of physiology; 1911- 1945 tenured professor for physiological chemistry and physiology in Halle;
Selected works: Abderhalden, Emil, ed. 1920-1939. Handbuch der biologischen Arbeitsmethoden. Berlin: Urban & Schwarzenberg Abderhalden, Emil. 1925-27. Lehrbuch der Physiologie I.-IV. Teil. Wien: Urban & Schwarzenberg
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