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James, William

New York, New York, USA

Chocorua, New Hampshire, USA

Degrees: M.D., Harvard University, 1869
Career: 1860 studies of painting in Newport, Rhode Island; 1861 studies of chemistry at Lawrence Scientific School of Harvard; 1865-1869 studies at Harvard Medical School, interrupted by an expedition up the Amazon with Louis Agassiz in April 1865, on which he became ill; resuming his medical studies in 1866, he discontinued them again shortly thereafter because of lingering poor health; spending two years in Germany to take a course of water cures and to study the physiology of the nervous system; 1869 M.D. from Harvard University; he stayed at home for three years, too unwell for regular employment; 1873 appointment as instructor in anatomy and physiology at Harvard; established a psychological laboratory at Harvard in 1875; assistent professor of physiology in 1876 and of philosophy in 1880; 1885 professor of philosophy; 1890 published his successfull book The Principles of Psychology; 1894 and 1904 president of the American Psychological Association; 1906 lectured at Stanford University for a half term; 1907 gave the Lowell Institute lectures, choosing as subject "Pragmatism"; resigned from all teaching duties at Harvard in 1907; 1908 gave the Hibbert lectures at Manchester College, Oxford.
Selected works: James, William. 1890. The Principles of Psychology. New York [part of: Wundt Library] James, William. 1887. Reaction time in hypnotic trance. Proceedings of the Amercian Society for Psychical Research 1 James, William. 1891. Psychology at Harvard University. American Journal of Psychology 3: 278-279
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Sources: Zusne ; DSB
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