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Driesch, Hans Adolf Eduard

Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Leipzig, Germany

Degrees: Ph.D. in natural science, University of Jena, 1889
Career: 1886 studies of medicine at the University of Freiburg under August Weismann; 1887 at the University of Jena under Haeckel, O. Hertwig and E. Stahl; 1888 studies of physics and chemistry at the University of Munich; 1889 doctorate under Haeckel; 1889 studies at the newly founded station in Plymouth; 1890 study trips to India, Zurich and Lesina; from 1891 onward at the Naples Zoological Station; 1900 private scholar in Heidelberg; 1907 chair of natural theology at the University of Aberdeen; 1909 habilitated in natural philosophy at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Heidelberg; 1912 extraordinary professor at Heidelberg; 1919 ordinary professor of systematic philosophy at Cologne; 1921 professor of philosophy at Leipzig; visiting professor in Nanking and Peking (1922-23), at the University of Wisconsin (1926-27) and in Buenos Aires (1928); 1933 prematurely placed in emeritus status by the National Socialists.
Selected works: Driesch, Hans Adolf Eduard. 1894. Analytische Theorie der organischen Entwicklung. Leipzig Driesch, Hans Adolf Eduard. 1908. The Science and Philosophy of the Organism. The Gifford Lectures Delivered Before the University of Aberdeen in the Year 1907 [and 1908]. London Driesch, Hans Adolf Eduard. 1905. Der Vitalismus als Geschichte und als Lehre. Leipzig Driesch, Hans Adolf Eduard. 1893. Die Biologie als selbstständige Wissenschaft. Leipzig Driesch, Hans Adolf Eduard. 1899. Die Lokalisation morphogenetischer Vorgänge. Ein Beweis vitalistischen Geschehens. Leipzig
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Sources: Schmidt ; Zusne ; DSB
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