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Burdon-Sanderson, John Scott

Jesmond, UK

Oxford, UK

Degrees: M.D., University of Edinburgh, 1851
Career: 1847 studies of medicine at the University of Edinburgh under John Balfour, John Goodsir and John Hughes Bennett; 1851 M.D. with a thesis on the metamorphosis of the colored blood corpuscles; studies of chemistry in the laboratories of Charles Gerhardt and Charles Wurtz in Paris and lectures on physiology under Claude Bernard; 1852 medical practitioner in London; 1853 medical registrar at St. Mary's Hospital; 1854-55 lecturer on botany and 1855-62 on medical jurisprudence at St. Mary's Hospital; 1856-67 medical officer of health for the parish of Paddington; 1860-65 inspector for the medical department of the Privy Council; 1859-63 and 1865-71 at the Brompton Hospital for Consumption and 1863-70 at Middlesex Hospital; 1870 professor of practical physiology and histology at University College in London in succession to Michael Foster; 1871-78 professor superintendent of the newly created Brown Institution, the first laboratory for pathology in England; 1874-82 Jodrell professor of human physiology at University College in succession to William Sharpey; 1882 first occupant of the Waynflete chair of physiology at Oxford University; 1895 Regius professor of medicine at Oxford; 1893 president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science; 1899 baronet.
Selected works: Burdon-Sanderson, John Scott. 1870. Introductory Report on the Intimate Pathology of Contagion. Twelfth Report of the Medical Officer of the Privy Council [1869], Parliamentary Papers: 229-256 Burdon-Sanderson, John Scott, E. Klein, Michael Foster and T. Lauder Brunton. 1873. Handbook for the Physiological Laboratory. Text. London Burdon-Sanderson, John Scott. 1875. Remarks in the Discussion on the Germ Theory of Disease. Transactions of the Pathological Society 26: 284-289 Burdon-Sanderson, John Scott. 1875. The Occurrence of Organic Forms in Connection with Contagious and Infective Diseases. British Medical Journal 1: 69-71, 199-201, 403-405, 435-437 Burdon-Sanderson, John Scott. 1882. On the Electromotive Properties of the Leaf of Dionaea in the Excited and Unexcited States [1881]. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 173: 1-55
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Sources: Schmidt ; DSB
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