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Bell, Charles

Edinburgh, UK

Hallow Park near Worcester, UK

Degrees: Medical degree, University of Edinburgh
Career: Medical education through his brother; attended some lectures at the University of Edinburgh; 1799 approval as a medical doctor by the Royal College of Surgeons; worked at the Royal Hospital Edinburgh until the faculty of medicine objected; 1804 founder of a school for anatomy; 1812-25 director of the Great Windmill Street School of Anatomy; 1828 co-founder of the Middlesex Hospital Medical School; 1836 professor of surgery at the University of Edinburgh.
Selected works: Bell, Charles. 1826. On the nervous circle which connects the voluntary muscles with the brain. London Bell, Charles. 1966. Idea of a new anatomy of the brain. A facsimile of the privately printed edition of 1811. London: Dawson of Pall Mall Bell, Sir Charles. 1834. The Hand: Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments, as Evincing Design. London: Pickering [part of: Müller Library]
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Sources: Schmidt ; Zusne
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