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Bayliss, William Maddock

Wednesbury, UK

London, UK

Career: Apprenticeship with a local general practitioner; studies at University College in London; 1882 B.Sc. degree with a scholarship in zoology and physics and studies of physiology and anatomy; relinquished medical studies and concentrated on physiology; 1885 undergraduate of Wadham College in Oxford; 1888 degree in physiology; return to University College; assistant at University College, 1903 assistant professor, from 1912 onward professor of general physiology; service on the Food (War) Committee of the Royal Society and on the Wound Shock Comittee of the Medical Research Committee during World War I; 1917-1924 service on the Medical Research Council's committee; secretary of the Physiological Society (1900-1922) and its treasurer (1922-1924 ); editor of Physiological Abstracts (1923-1924); joint editor of the Biochemical Journal (1913-1924); member of the Council of the Royal Society (1913-1915); Croonian lecturer (1904); awarded several medals and honorary degrees from the universities of Oxford, St. Andrews and Aberdeen; 1922 created a knight bachelor.
Selected works: Bayliss, William Maddock. 1915. Principles of General Physiology. London: Longmans, Green Bayliss, William Maddock. 1908. The Nature of Enzyme Action. London: Longmans, Green Bayliss, William Maddock. 1917. The Physiology of Food and Economy in Diet. London: Longmans, Green Bayliss, William Maddock. 1918. Intravenous Injections in Wound Shock: Being the Oliver-Sharpey Lectures Delivered before the Royal College of Physicians of London in May 1918. London: Longmans, Green Bayliss, William Maddock. 1923. The Colloidal State in Its Medical and Physiological Aspects. London: Frowde, Hodder & Stoughton
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Sources: DSB ; Schmidt
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