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Lashley, Karl Spencer

Davis, California, USA

Poitiers, France

Degrees: Ph.D. in genetics, Johns Hopkins University, 1914
Career: Studies at the universities of West Virginia and Pittsburgh; studies of zoology at Johns Hopkins University; collaboration with Watson; 1914 Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University; 1915-17 work with S. I. Franz at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C.; 1917-18 at the University of Minnesota under Robert M. Yerkes; 1918-20 at the U.S. Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board; 1920-26 at the University of Minnesota; 1926-29 Behavior Research Fund; 1929-35 at the University of Chicago; 1935-55 at Harvard University; 1942-55 at Yerkes Laboratory of Primate Biology; 1955 emeritus professor; several honorary degrees; president of the Eastern Psychological Association (1938) and of the American Psychological Association (1929); honorary doctorates from the University of Pittsburgh (1936), the University of Chicago (1941), the Western Reserve University (1951) and the University of Pennsylvania.
Selected works: Lashley, Karl Spencer. 1929. Brain mechanism and intelligence: A quantitative study of injuries to the brain. Chicago: Chicago University Press
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Sources: Zusne ; Sheehy, Noel, Antony J. Chapman, Wendy A. Conroy, eds. 1998. Biographical Dictionary of Psychology. London, New York.
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