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Rokitansky, Karl Freiherr von

Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Vienna, Austria

Career: Studies of medicine at the universities of Vienna and Prague; 1827 assistant at the pathological-anatomical institute; 1828 doctorate; 1834 prosector at the General Hospital in Vienna and associate professor of pathology; 1844 chair of pathological anatomy; memberships in several scientific and political institutions and organisation of the medical lectures at university; 1869 president of the Academy of Sciences at Vienna; 1870 president of the anthropological association at Vienna; 1875 retirement.
Selected works: Rokitansky, Karl von. 1842-1846. Handbuch der pathologischen Anatomie. Wien: Braumüller & Seidel [part of: Wundt Library]
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Sources: Toellner, Richard. 1992. Illustrierte Geschichte der Medizin. Erlangen: Karl Müller Verlag
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