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Bogdanov [Malinovsky], Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Tula, Russia

Moscow, Russia

Career: 1891 scientific studies including mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology at Moscow University; involvement in student political activities; 1894 arrested and exiled to Tula; activities in factory workers' discussion groups, studies of Marxism and lectures for workers on popular science and radical politics; 1895 resumed his studies at the Medical Faculty of Kharkov University; 1899 graduation in medicine from Kharkov University; arrested and exiled for three years to northern Russia where he worked as a psychiatrist; 1903 joining of the Bolshevik wing of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party; 1905-1907 member of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party; 1911 left organized politics; during World War I military physician; theoretician of the "Proletarian Culture" movement; after 1918 member of the Socialist (later Communist) Academy; medical research continued; 1926 organization of the world's first institute for blood transfusion at Moscow; also worked under the pseudonyms Werner, Maksimov, Riadovoi.
Selected works: Bogdanov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. 1904-1907. Empiriomonizm. Moskau, St. Petersburg Bogdanov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. 1913-1929. Vseobshchaya organizatsionnaya nauka (Tektologia). Moskau, St. Petersburg Bogdanov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. 1897. Kratky kurs ekonomicheskoy nauki. Moskau Bogdanov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. 1914. Nauka ob obshchestvennom soznany. Moskau Bogdanov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. 1924. O proletarskoy kulture. Leningrad, Moskau
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