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Valentin, Gabriel Gustav

Wroclaw, Poland

Berne, Switzerland

Career: 1828 studies of medicine at the University of Breslau under Nees von Esenbeck and Purkyne; 1832 medical degree with a dissertation entitled Historiae evolutionis systematis muscularis prolulsio; 1833 state medical examination at Berlin; 1835 Grand Prix des Sciences Physiques by the French Academy of Sciences for his histology manuscript; travel to Berlin to meet Johannes Müller; medical practice; 1836 professorship of physiology and zootomy at the University of Berne; 1836 foundation of the Repertorium für Anatomie und Physiologie; 1837 stay at Paris where he met Pierre Flourens, François Magendie and Gilbert Breschet; 1839 travel to Nice where he met Rudolph Wagner; dean of the medical faculty at Berne; 1853-1863 director of the Berne Anatomical Institute; 1863 division of the chairs of anatomy and physiology which he had imposed, Valentin professor of physiology, Christoph Theodor Aeby professor of anatomy; memberships and honorary memberships of several scientific societies; honorary doctorate from the philosophy faculty of Berne.
Selected works: Valentin, Gabriel Gustav. 1835. Handbuch der Entwickelungsgeschichte des Menschen mit vergleichender Rücksicht der Entwickelung der Säugethiere und Vögel. Berlin Valentin, Gabriel Gustav. 1844. Lehrbuch der Physiologie des Menschen. Braunschweig Valentin, Gabriel Gustav. 1846. Grundriss der Physiologie des Menschen. Braunschweig Valentin, Gabriel Gustav. 1857. Die kunstgerechte Entfernung der Eingeweide des menschlichen Körpers. Frankfurt Valentin, Gabriel Gustav. 1861. Die Untersuchung der Pflanzen- und der Tiergewebe in polarisiertem Licht. Leipzig
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Sources: DSB ; Schmidt
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