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Faraday, Michael

London, UK

Hampton Court, UK

Career: 1805-12 apprenticeship as a bookbinder and attention of public lectures; 1810 introduced into the City Philosophical Society led by John Tatum where he received a basic education in the sciences; attended Humphry Davy's lectures at the Royal Institution; 1813 assistant at the laboratory of the Royal Institution; 1813-15 travels to France and Italy with Davy where he met many of the leading scientists; 1824 conducted experiments on optical glass for the Royal Society; 1825 lectures at the Royal Institution; 1861 abandoned lecturing; 1862 resigned his position at the Royal Institution.
Selected works: Faraday, Michael. 1839-1855. Experimental Researches in Electricity. London Faraday, Michael. 1859. Experimental Researches in Chemistry and Physics. London
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Sources: DSB ; Zusne
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