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Spieker, Paul Emmanuel

Trarbach, Germany

Wiesbaden, Germany

Career: Studies at the Bauakademie (school of architecture); 1852 Bauführer (building supervisor) examination; work with A. Stüler and A. Soller in Berlin and with C. Boos in Wiesbaden; 1853 member of the Architektenverein zu Berlin; 1859 Baumeister (master builder) examination; employment by the government of Trier; 1864-1867 Stadtbaumeister at Essen; 1867 Landbaumeister with the government in Koblenz; 1868 at the building department of the ministry of commerce in Berlin; 1869 Bauinspektor at the Ministerialbaukommission; 1873 Oberbauinspektor in Potsdam; 1874 Regierungs- und Baurat (government architect); 1878 Geheimer Regierungsrat und Vortragender Rat at the Prussian ministry of education; 1880 member of the Akademie des Bauwesens; 1889-1895 director of the Hochbauabteilung; 1892-1895 president; 1891 Oberbaudirektor; 1895 retirement; move to Wiesbaden; honorary doctorate from the University of Berlin. Among his buildings in Berlin are the Physiologische Institut Dorotheenstraße (1873-1877), the Physikalische Institut Reichstagsufer (1873-1878) and Department I of the Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt.
Selected works:
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Sources: Kieling, Uwe. 1986. Berliner Baubeamte und Staatsarchitekten im 19. Jahrhundert. Berlin ; Gorzny, Willy, ed. 1998. Deutscher biographischer Index. München: K. G. Saur
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