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Graefe, Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Albrecht von

Finkenheerd, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Career: 1843-47 studies of medicine at the University of Berlin under Johannes Müller, Schönlein and Virchow; 1847 graduation with a dissertation entitled De bromo ejusque praeparatis; 1847/48 state examinations; work with F. Arlt in Prague in Vienna, Paris, London, Glasgow and Dublin; 1845 private practice as ophthalmologist in Berlin and opening of a private clinic famous for ophthalmological research and teachings; 1850 Habilitationschrift entitled Über die Wirkung der Augenmuskeln; 1854 founder and editor of the Archiv für Ophthalmologie; 1857 associate professor; 1863 foundation of the "Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft"; 1866 Ordinarius; from 1868 onward at the ophthalmologic department of the Charité hospital.
Selected works: Graefe, Albrecht von. 1855-56. Notiz über die Behandlung der Myodriasis. Archiv für Ophthalmologie 2: 202-257 Graefe, Albrecht von. 1858. Klinische Motilitätsstörungen des Auges. Berlin Graefe, Albrecht von. 1867. Symptomlehre der Augenmuskellähmungen. Berlin
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