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Seashore, Carl Emil

Mörlunda, Sweden

Lewiston, Idaho, USA

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Degrees: Ph.D. in psychology, Yale University, 1895
Career: Ph.D. from Yale University under E. W. Scripture; 1897 assistant professor of philosophy at Graduate College, University of Iowa; from 1908 onward dean at Graduate College; 1911 president of the American Psychological Association; foundation of a psychological laboratory at Iowa and of the second psychological clinic in the United States; general supervisor of the Iowa Child Welfare Research Station.
Selected works: Seashore, Carl Emil. 1919. The psychology of musical talent. Boston, New York, etc.: Silver, Burdett and Company Seashore, Carl E. 1938. Psychology of Music. New York, London: McGraw-Hill Seashore, Carl Emil. 1947. In search of beauty in music: a scientific approach to musical esthetics. New York: Ronald Press Seashore, Carl Emil. 1908. Elementary experiments in psychology. New York Seashore, Carl Emil. 1918. Psychology in daily life. New York: Appleton
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Sources: Zusne ; Image: Collection Rand B. Evans
Related: See also Rand B. Evans documentary film Psychologists 1927-1933 (Tenth International Congress of Psychology, Copenhagen 1932, at min. 18:01).
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