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McDougall, William

Chadderton, UK

Durham, North Carolina, USA

Degrees: M.D., St. Thomas Hospital, London, 1898
Career: Studies of medicine and psychology at the universities of Weeniar, Manchester and Cambridge; physician at St. Thomas Hospital; 1898 participation in the Cambridge University anthropological expedition to the Torres Straits; lecturer at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge; 1914-1918 service in the war; 1920 professor of psychology at Harvard University; 1927 at Duke University, North Carolina; co-founder of the British Psychological Society in 1901 and of the British Journal of Psychology.
Selected works: McDougall, William. 1905. Physiological Psychology. London: J. M. Dent McDougall, William. 1908. An Introduction to Social Psychology. London: Methuen McDougall, William. 1911. Body and Mind: A History and Defense of Animism. London: Methuen McDougall, William. 1926. Outline of Abnormal Psychology. New York: Scribner McDougall, William. 1936. Psycho-Analysis and Social Psychology. London: Methuen
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Sources: Zusne ; Schmidt
Related: See also Rand B. Evans documentary film Psychologists 1927-1933 (Ninth International Congress of Psychology Yale University, New Haven, Conn., September 1-7, 1929, at min. 11:54).
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