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Binet, Alfred

Nice, France

Paris, France

Degrees: Law degree, Lycée St. Louis, Paris, 1878; Ph.D. in science, University of Paris, 1894
Career: 1889 foundation of the first French psychological laboratory at the Sorbonne with Henri Beaunis; from 1882 work at the Salpêtrière Hospital under Jean-Martin Charcot; 1887/88 attendance of courses at the embryological laboratory of Balbiani; 1894 doctorate in natural science with a thesis on the subintestinal nervous system of insects; 1894 director of the psychological laboratory at the Sorbonne; 1895 foundation of L'Année psychologique with Victor Henri and visiting professor at the University of Bucharest; 1894-1911 at the University of Paris.
Selected works: Binet, Alfred and C. Féré. 1887. Le Magnétisme Animal. Paris: Félix Alcan Binet, Alfred. 1894. Introduction à la psychologie expérimentale. Paris: Félix Alcan Binet, Alfred. 1892. Les Altérations de la Personnalité. Paris: Félix Alcan Binet, Alfred. 1903. L'Etude Expérimentale de l'Intelligence. Paris: Schleicher
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Sources: Zusne ; Sheehy, Noel, Antony J. Chapman, Wendy A. Conroy, eds. 1998. Biographical Dictionary of Psychology. London, New York.
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