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Engelmann, Theodor Wilhelm

Leipzig, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Degrees:, 1867
Career: 1861-1862 studies of medicine and of natural sciences at the University of Jena under K. Gegenbaur, then at Heidelberg, Göttingen and Leipzig; 1867 under A. von Bezold; 1867 assistant to F. C. Donders in Utrecht; 1871 associate professor of biology and histology, 1888 professor of physiology at Utrecht University in succession to Donders; 1897-1908 professor of physiology and head of the Physiologische Institut at the University of Berlin.
Selected works: Engelmann, Theodor W. 1862. Zur Naturgeschichte der Infusionsthiere. Leipzig: Engelmann Engelmann, Theodor W. 1892. Über den Ursprung der Muskelkraft. Leipzig: Engelmann
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Sources: Schmidt
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