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Mosso, Angelo

Turin, Italy

Turin, Italy

Career: 1865 enrollment in the medical school of the University of Turin; post as teacher of natural sciences in the liceo of Turin and intern at the Mauriziano Hospital in Turin; summa cum laude graduation on 25 July 1870; scholarship to the University of Florence, where for two years he worked in the laboratory of Moritz Schiff; 1843-1874 studies in Leipzig under Ludwig; visit to Paris, where he met Bernard, Brown-Séquard, and Marey; return to Italy and entry into Moleschott's institute at Turin; 1875 professor of pharmacology (then called "materia medica"); 1879 professor of physiology in succession to Moleschott; 1882 foundation of the Archivio italiano di biologia; establishment of the Physiological Institute in the Parco del Valentino in 1893 and of a station in the Alps for the study of human physiology at high altitudes in 1895; 1904 senator; dedication to archaeology and conduct of studies in the Roman Forum, in Crete, and in southern Italy.
Selected works: Mosso, Angelo. 1870. Saggio di alcune ricerche fatte intorno all'accrescimento delle ossa. Neapel Mosso, Angelo. 1872. Sopra alcuni sperimenti di transfusione des sangue. Sperimentale 30: 369-375 Mosso, Angelo. 1875. Sopra un nuovo metodo per scrivere i movimenti dei vasi sanguini dell'uomo. Atti dell'Accademia delle Scienze 11: 21-81 Mosso, Angelo. 1876. Introduzione ad una serie di esperienza sui movimenti del cervello nell'uomo. Archivio per le scienze mediche 1: 216-244 Mosso, Angelo. 1878. Sul polso negativo e sui rapporti della respirazione addominale et toracica nell'uomo. Archivio per le scienze mediche 2: 401-464
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Sources: Some founders ; DSB
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