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Wöhler, Friedrich

Eschersheim, Germany

Göttingen, Germany

Career: One year of studies at Marburg and two years at Heidelberg; 1823 qualification for the M.D.; one year of training in mineral analysis with Berzelius at Stockholm; acquaintance with Liebig; 1825-1831 teacher at an industrial school in Berlin; 1831-1836 professor at a vocational school in Kassel; 1836-1882 professor of chemistry at Göttingen; foreign associate of the Institut de France and officer of the Legion of Honor.
Selected works: Wöhler, Friedrich. 1831. Grundriss der unorganischen Chemie. Berlin Wöhler, Friedrich. 1840. Grundriss der organischen Chemie. Berlin
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Sources: Schmidt ; DSB
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