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Weber, Wilhelm Eduard

Wittenberg, Germany

Göttingen, Germany

Degrees: doctoral dissertation (1826) and Habilitationsschrift (1827)
Career: 1822 studies of physics at the University of Halle; 1826 doctoral dissertation under Schweiger on the theory of reed organ pipes; 1827 Habilitationsschrift about such systems as coupled oscillators; lecturer and then associate professor (1828) at Halle; April 1831 professor of physics at Göttingen; foundation of the Göttingen Magnetische Verein by Weber and Gauss; 1837 loss of his position at the king's order after signing a statement of protest together with six other Göttingen professors when Ernst August of Hannover revoked the liberal constitution of 1833; between March and August 1838 travels to Berlin, London, and Paris; after several years in Göttingen without a university position, professor of physics at the University of Leipzig in 1843; 1849 permitted to return to his old positon at Göttingen; director of the astronomical observatory; retirement in the 1870's.
Selected works: Weber, Wilhelm E. 1892-94. Wilhelm Weber's Werke. Berlin: J. Springer Weber, Wilhelm and Carl Friedrich Gauss, eds. 1837-1843. Resultate aus den Beobachtungen des Magnetischen Vereins. Göttingen, Leipzig
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Sources: Schmidt ; DSB
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