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Langley, John Newport

Newbury, UK

Cambridge, UK

Career: 1871 studies of mathematics and history at St. John's College Cambridge; 1873 studies of elementary biology under M. Foster; 1875 B.A.; 1876 post as Foster's chief demonstrator in succession to Henry Newell Martin; 1877 fellow of Trinity College; several months in the laboratory of Wilhelm Kühne at the University of Heidelberg; 1878 M.A. from Cambridge; 1896 Sc.D.; 1883-1903 university lecturer in physiology and lecturer of natural science at Trinity College; from 1900 onward deputy professor to Foster; 1903-1925 professor of physiology at Trinity College Cambridge in succession to Foster; 1914 new physiological laboratory built at Cambridge under his direction with funds by the Drapers' Company; member of the Council (1897-1898) of the Royal Society in London and vice-president (1904-1905); president of the Neurological Society of Great Britain (1893), president of the physiological section of the British Association (1899); several honorary medals and honorary doctorates by the universities of Dublin, St. Andrews, Gröningen and Strasbourg; from 1894 onward editorial and financial control of the Journal of Physiology.
Selected works: Langley, John Newport. 1921. The Autonomic Nervous System. Cambridge Langley, John Newport. 1898-1900. The Salivary Glands. In: Text-Book of Physiology, edited by E. A. Schäfer, Edinburgh, London Langley, John Newport and Charles S. Sherrington. 1891. On Pilomotor Nerves. Journal of Physiology 12: 278-291 Langley, John Newport. 1906. On Nerve-Endings and on Special Excitable Substances in Cells. Proceedings of the Royal Society 76B: 170-194 Langley, John Newport. 1898-1900. The Sympathetic and Other Related Systems of Nerves. In: Text-Book of Physiology, 616-696. Edinburgh, London: E. A. Schäfer
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Sources: Schmidt ; DSB
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