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  Figures   1: Brehm, Alfred Edmund (1865);
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Mice are uniformly coloured: the yellowish, grayish black upper side of their bodies and tails shades off into a somewhat lighter colour on the lower side; feet and toes are yellowish gray.

Their senses are excellent: they hear the subtlest sound, smell very accurately and over long distances and see reasonably well – perhaps even better at night than during the day.

Mice always pick out the best bites, thus clearly proving that their sense of taste is fairly well developed. They favour all sorts of sweets, milk, good meat, cheese, fat, fruits and grains over all other kinds of food and, if they are given the chance, always select the best from all the good food.

They proliferate at an extraordinary rate. Twenty-two to twenty-four days after mating, a female mouse bears four to six, though not seldom even eight pinkies; over a period of one year, it certainly breeds five to six times so that the number of direct descendants in one year comprises at least thirty individuals.
  Source: Brehm, Alfred Edmund. 1865. Illustrirtes Thierleben: eine allgemeine Kunde des Thierreichs. Zweiter Band. Erste Abtheilung: Die Säugethiere. Zweite Hälfte: Beutelthiere und Nager. Zahnarme, Hufthiere und Seesäugethiere. view the source
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