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An American Physiologist Abroad - continued...

The Nutrition Laboratory at Boston, MA (Biodiversity Heritage Library)
The Nutrition Laboratory at Boston, MA
(from: Biodiversity Heritage Library: Carnegie Yb 7, 1908, plate B)

Benedict was in an enviable position. He had generous funding to build a new laboratory entirely from scratch and according to his specifications, that is, not only to equip it but also to decide on furnishing and design, the distribution of rooms and workspaces in the building, the placement of utilities and special facilities. In order to do this, he decided to investigate and evaluate the different possibilities of laboratory design, instruments and experimental techniques. Despite a growing number of university laboratories in the US, in 1907, the most productive and best equipped physiological research labs were still found in Europe.

Reference: Elizabeth Neswald. 2010. An American Physiologist Abroad: Francis Gano Benedict’s European Tours. The Virtual Laboratory (ISSN 1866-4784),