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(Centrifuge, Double Arm, Hand Drive) 1921
taken from: Knott, L. E. 1921. L. E. Knott Apparatus Company: Scientific Instruments, Catalogue 26. (p. 0221, fig. 3945)

? Electromotor with centrifuge-regulator according to Garten (Elektromotor mit Zentrifugal-Regulator nach Garten) 1923
taken from: Zimmermann, E. 1923. Liste 46: Über Stative, Motore, Meßinstrumente Zubehör. (p. 0014, fig. 4450)

(the Martin Water-Driven Centrifuge) 1934
taken from: Palmer, C. F. 1934. Palmer Research and Students' Apparatus for Physiology, Pharmacology, Psychology, Bacteriology, Phonetics, Botany, etc.: Manufactured by C. F. Palmer (London) Ltd., Myographic Works, 63a, Effra Road, Brixton, London, S.W. 2. England. (p. 0132, fig. w1_3)