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Wundt's Complication Apparatus

  Source   [Ruf, C.]. 1892. M├╝nsterberg's Laboratory in Freiburg, Germany. Photograph. (Harvard University Archives - HUP Munsterberg, Hugo, 1BP, box 13) view the source
  People   Wundt, Wilhelm (Maximilian) (1832 - 1920)
  Sites   Psychological Laboratory, University of Freiburg (1891)
  Related Literature   Wundt, Wilhelm. 1874. Grundz├╝ge der physiologischen Psychologie. Leipzig: Engelmann, on p.778.
Zimmermann, E. 1912. Psychologische und Physiologische Apparate. Liste 25. Leipzig-Berlin, on p.45 (no. 650/51).
  Comment   See a color photograph of this instrument in the Harvard Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments.
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