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  • I assumed, not reading the fine print, that downloading a PDF of all of the paper would be the default. So I Had to do it again after receiving only the first page.
  • Did not find this paper on my usual first Google search which was for "Title" pdf, which was rather puzzling.
  • nice that it is downloadable and not restricted because of copyright
  • This is brilliant! Thank you so much. [mail address removed]
  • keep the good work
  • Crafty Dino, I made it using the website, but didn't save the link. You can eiasly recreate it, though. Just type in the text or select that quote from the "art" section, and choose your favorite background.
  • Thank you for the access to the manuscript
  • You got to push it-this estansiel info that is!
  • khasai bisesh duastbath rakhnu vaneko nai dui desh ko lagi agaman ra anugaman ko lagi sajilo hoos rah afnoo desh ko publuc lai herbichar ra anneya ma pareko lai neya dilaunu ko lagi nai haina rah::????????????? bisesh ta human rights::::::::ma dyaan dinu parew duastbath le:::::dhanyaabaad>
  • Reading this makes my decnsiois easier than taking candy from a baby.
  • Thank you for your photos of the Noumbrellas faoihsn show. Our daughter Josie Beck with the Alaskan Brewery told us about it and we were so glad to be able to see all the photos you posted from that event. Although we live in Chicago we do visit as often as possible. Thanks again.
  • Ageism!! I was 55 when I got involved in poticils for the first time - managing the campaign of an unknown that everybody KNEW would lose - he's now the county executive.35 - blah. I was still eating cream of wheat for breakfast at 35... well, accompanied by a respectable single-malt scotch, that is!
  • I thoguht finding this would be so arduous but it's a breeze!
  • [mail address removed]
  • ok>
  • OK.
  • ok
  • Thank you for the information!
  • Great resource!
  • Nous préparons pou 2016 un événement devant mettre à l'honneur Joseph SAUVEUR.
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  • thank you for putting this on web,i am a german interested in kymatik. I am looking for original thoughts and hope that this book could lead me to more understanding in what makes the world go round.for this book is really old and i probably never could afford to buy it i really appreciate you to help humans in educating themselves by putting this on for free!!!
  • Congratulations for the excellent work!


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