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  • Nous préparons pou 2016 un événement devant mettre à l'honneur Joseph SAUVEUR.
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  • thank you for putting this on web,i am a german interested in kymatik. I am looking for original thoughts and hope that this book could lead me to more understanding in what makes the world go round.for this book is really old and i probably never could afford to buy it i really appreciate you to help humans in educating themselves by putting this on for free!!!
  • Congratulations for the excellent work!
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  • Thanks - wonderful resource
  • This book will be important to me for a monograph. My email is: [mail address removed]
  • thank you very much for digitising this wonderful resource. I am working on late nineteenth-century menageries and this German classic is an important resource for me.
  • lo tube cuando pequeño y lo he buscado
  • thank you for making these papers available
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  • there are also engineers and echnician
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  • Valuable resources for establishing the commercial use of psychological tests. Dr Graeme Senior [mail address removed]
  • I am interested in some information about this item.
  • Good to find this book here! Thanks.
  • I need this Paper for my Bachelorthesis as a source.
  • Thank you very much for this text. It is of great help in my PHD leon-geyer at gmx net
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  • I have not. Thank you.
  • Your library is an excellent resource. I am very interested in historical work, but it is often difficult to find the original material. Thank you.
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  • Yes. I am a private/hobby researcher(?) Open access to all sources... We all will have a great time.


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