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  • Great text, thanks very much!
  • I love your page. The first impression is excellent. What a surprise!
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  • Great Service to acdemia!
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  • Thank you for making this valuable resource available online. My primary research field is early cinema/film studies.
  • This is such a valuable resource for history of science-related research. My primary research field is early cinema.
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  • I hope I will be helpfull for me XD
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  • Mirka – Grtjuluaem k novemu blogu! Super a velmi chic! Nas album ma tu v Dubai velky upesch a nehovorim o fotkach. Tommy musel nosit album v taske po letiskach lebo sa nam nezmestil do batoziny . Teraz ho mam vystaveny v kancelarii na cestnom mieste zatial, kym si ho pozru vsetci klienti, potom pojde domov. Rozprava sa o Tebe od Pakistanu az po Kanadu.
  • Got all of the ring pieces cut! So, I figure for a twin, 12 blocks, 32 pieces each block = 384 pieces! Exciting ;-)Still need to cut the baunrgockd, after I finally decide which one! thanks so much for the directions!
  • Happy Sits Day!Oh man, I understand what yo7&28#1u;re going thguroh. I am so happy you were able to get a diagnosis from a doctor. I’m still waiting .except for the anxiety part (all my doctors agree on that one!)I know that chronic illness can be maintained and won’t kill you (if treated) but I hope you find the right choice of treatment so you aren’t in that horrible slump or in pain! Being sick (especially when people can’t physically see it!) is no fun!Jamieb4s last [type] ..
  • An inltgeilent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!
  • Ah yes, nicely put, evreoyne.
  • Smakc-dab what I was looking for-ty!
  • I am professor about sensory analysis and phisiology of senses organs and I cite always this pioner scientific work. My e-mail: [mail address removed]
  • Very good website for ancient sources
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