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  • I was sent to this site by a head of a science museum in Canada, thank goodness, and do not know if I would otherwise have found this. Thank you for making it available. [mail address removed]
  • Thanks! (i wish there is English translation).
  • field of research: art history
  • Hello, I would really like to be able to reproduce the image of the aesthesiometer in a journal article (for 'Resilience: Journal of the Environmental Humanities'. Please can you tell me how I can get permission to reproduce that image? I have used your virtual library a number of times, as I'm writing a book about measurement of bodily sensation. Pease get back to me at [mail address removed] at your earliest convenience. With best wishes, Mark Paterson
  • The preview was blank
  • The resizing doesn't work.
  • Very useful
  • We are seeking to purchase a Hipp chronoscope for our instrument collection.
  • We have just accepted a similar kymograph into the collections and I am interested in learning more about them. I am the Librarian who looks after all the collections.
  • [mail address removed]
  • Research in Music Therapy
  • Very pleased about this service -very old journals are sometimes extremely hard to access! Good work!
  • This is a fantastic resource! We have many artifacts that I have been able to research through you. Thanks!!
  • thank you so much
  • Hello! What a great resource! Thank you!
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  • Vielen Dank für diese Archive!
  • Would like to visit more often
  • [mail address removed]
  • Dear Madam or Sir, i would like to use this image within my doctoral thesis. Please let me know if this is possible without any copyright issues. My Email: [mail address removed] Kind Regards, Gerrit Fröhlich
  • Dear Madam or Sir, I would like to use this image within the publication of my thesis. Please inform me, if this is possible without any copyright issues. My Email: [mail address removed]
  • [mail address removed] ich arbeite über einen russischen Mediziner namens
  • So cool
  • I appreciate this service very much!
  • thanks for sharing many important -mostly forgotten- documents


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