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Institute of Physiology and General Pathology, University of Debrecen,1928

Source: Verzár, Frederic. 1928. The Institute of Physiology and General Pathology of the Royal Hungarian Stephen Tisza University in Debreczen. Methods and Problems of Medical Education, no. 10: 119-135 view the source
spacerTopics respiration
haptics/ tactile/ muscular sense
physiology (exp., animal, comp.); physiological chemistry; histology; anatomy; physics; chemistry; pathology
spacer Technology
spacer- Instruments Atwater-Benedict respiration apparatus [artificial respiration]
Zuntz-Geppert analysis apparatus
Haldane analysis apparatus
Benedict portable clinic apparatus
Blood-gas apparatus
Barcroft compensation apparatus
Barcroft microcompensation apparatus
Barcroft apparatus modified by Verzar
Van Slyke apparatus
Polarization apparatus of different type (Hellige, Dubosq, Bausch-Lomb, Autenrieht, Koenigsberger, Fleischel-Mischer and Sahli calirometer)
Pulfrich immersion refractometer
Traube stalagmometer
Michaelis hydrogen-ion concentration set
Breslau hydrogen-ion concentration set
electometrical hydrogen-ion measuring appliance
conduction capacity apparatus
Mosso ergograph
tread-mill with motor power
H. Meyer's artificial respiration pump
spacerObjects frogs
spacer People
spacer- Head Prof. Dr. Frederic Verzar
spacer- Assistants
spacer- Architects
spacer- Others
Experiments: not yet available
Associated Journals: -Pflüger's Archiv für die gesamte Physiologie des Menschen und der Tiere
-Biochemische Zeitschrift
-Klinische Wochenschrift
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