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Department of Physiological Chemistry, University of Michigan,1930

Source: Lewis, Howard B. 1930. Department of Physiological Chemistry, University of Michigan, Medical School. Methods and Problems of Medical Education, no. 18: 55-58 view the source
spacerTopics metabolism
physiological chemistry; chemistry
spacer Technology
spacer- Instruments apparatus for the microanalytical methods of Pregl
spacer People
spacer- Head
spacer- Assistants A.A. Christman, assistant professor
H.C. Eckstein, assistant professor
H.O. Calvery, assistant professor

R.H. Wilson, assistant
J.P. Chandler, assistant
A. White, assistant
W.T. Krebs, assistant
S.N. Rowe, assistant
Sarah Shomer, assistant
spacer- Architects
spacer- Others Mabel H. Miller, instructor
Experiments: not yet available
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