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Psychological Laboratory, University of Iowa,1902

Source: Patrick, George T. W. 1902. The New Psychological Laboratory of the University of Iowa. University of Iowa Studies in Psychology 3: 140-144 view the source
psychology (experimental, physiol.)
spacer Technology
spacer- Instruments
spacerObjects human beings (unspec.)
spacer People
spacer- Head George T. W. Patrick (1857-1949)
spacer- Assistants
spacer- Architects Proudfood & Bird
spacer- Others
Experiments: not yet available
Associated Journals: University of Iowa Studies in Psychology
Related Literature: George T. W. Patrick, Founding the Psychological Laboratory at the State University of Iowa: An Historical Sketch, The Iowa Journal of History and Politics, 30 (1932), 404-416

Howard H. Kendler, The Iowa Tradition, American Psychologist, 44/8 (1989), 1124-1132

Sound proof room description in: University of Iowa Studies in Psychology, 3, 1903, p. 142
Further Descriptions: Psychological Laboratory at the University of Iowa ()
Psychological Laboratory, University of Iowa (1937)
ISSN 1866-4784: reference - xlink