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Brown, T. Graham. 1915. Studies in the physiology of the nervous system, XXII: On the phenomenon of facilitation, 1: Its occurence in reactions induced by stimulation of the "motor" cortex of the cerebrum in monkeys. 1915
Brown, J. D. 1890. A Catalogue, Descriptive and Photographical, of Philosophical Instruments, Devised by James McK. Cattell, Professor of Experimental Psychology, Columbia College, etc., Manufactured by J. D. Brown, No. 618 North Sixth Street, Cambden, N. J. 1890
Scripture, E. W., Smith, Theodate L. and Brown, Emily M. 1894. On the education of muscular control and power. 1894
Brown-Séquard, Charles-Edouard. 1851. De la survie des batraciens et des tortures après l'ablation de leur moelle allongée. 1851
Hall, Granville Stanley and C. E. Browne. 1903. Children's Ideas of Fire, Heat, Frost and Cold. 1903
Hall, Granville Stanley and C.E. Browne. 1904. The Cat and the Child. 1904
Brown, T. Graham. 1914-1915. On the effect of artificial stimulation of the red nucleus in the anthropoid ape. 1914-1915
Roy, C. S. und Graham Brown. 1878. Ueber eine neue Methode, den Blutdruck in den kleinsten Arterien, Venen und in den Capillaren zu messen. 1878
Brown-Séquard, Charles-Edouard. 1855. Experimental and Clinical Researches on the Physiology and Pathology of the Spinal Cord and some Other Parts of the Nervous Centres. 1855
Brown-Séquard, Ch. E. 1862. Remarques sur l'action du nerf vague sur le coeur. 1862
Brown-Séquard, Charles-Edouard. 1852. Experimental researches applied to physiology and pathology. 1852
Brown, Richard. 1829. Mikroskopische Beobachtungen, welche in den Monaten Juni - August 1827 gemacht worden, über die Theilchen, welche im Pollen der Pflanzen enthalten sind. 1829
Crum Brown, A. 1874. The Sense of Rotation and the Anatomy and Physiology of the Semicircular Canals of the Internal Ear. 1874
McLennan-Brown, Lisa. 2005. The Feminism and Legal Theory Project: Celebrating Twenty Years of Feminist Pedagogy, Praxis and Prisms: Feminist Theory and the Erosion of Women's Reproductive Rights: The Implications of Fetal Personhood Laws and In Vitro Fertilization [Symposium]. 2005
Brown, John. 1803. The Elements of Medicine. 1803
Brownsword, Roger. 2005. Stem Cells and Cloning: Where the Regulatory Consensus Fails. 2005
Brown-Séquard, Ch. E. 1850. Mémoire sur la transmission des impressions sensitives dans la moelle épinière. 1850
Brown, T. Graham. 1915. Studies in the physiology of the nervous system, XXIII: On the phenomenon of facilitation, 2: Its occurence in response to subliminal cortical stimuli in monkeys. 1915
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