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Lotze, Hermann Rudolph

Bautzen, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Degrees: Ph.D. in philosophy, March 1838; M.D., July 1838
Career: 1834 studies of philosophy and natural science at the University of Leipzig under E. H. Weber, A. W. Volkmann and Fechner; 1838 Ph.D. in philosophy with a work on Descartes and Leibniz; 1838 M.D. with the dissertation De futuris biologiae principiis philosophicis; 1838-39 medical practice in Zittau; 1839 lecturer in medicine, 1840 in philosophy at Leipzig; 1843 assistant professor of philosophy in Leipzig; 1844-1881 full professor in philosophy in G├Âttingen in succession to Herbart; 1881 chair of philosophy at Berlin.
Selected works: Lotze, Hermann Rudolph. 1841. Metaphysik. Leipzig Lotze, Hermann Rudolph. 1842. Allgemeine Pathologie und Therapie als mechanische Naturwissenschaften. Leipzig Lotze, Hermann Rudolph. 1851. Allgemeine Physiologie des k├Ârperlichen Lebens. Leipzig Lotze, Hermann Rudolph. 1852. Medizinische Psychologie oder Physiologie der Seele. Leipzig Lotze, Hermann Rudolph. 1856-1864. Mikrokosmus. Ideen zur Naturgeschichte und Geschichte der Menschheit. Versuch einer Anthropologie. Leipzig
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