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[Reaction Time]

Physiological time of mental processes

Jaager, Johan Jacob de en F. C. Donders, 1865

  Source   Jaager, Johan Jacob de en F. C. Donders. 1865. De physiologische Tijd bij psychische Processen. Utrecht: P. W. van de Weijer view the source
  Figures   1: Experimental setting; 2: Front page of the published article; 3: Membrane phonautograph; 4: Front page of laboratory diary;
  Related Documents   - Preliminary report published by Donders
- Donders' laboratory notebook 
  Sites   Physiological Laboratory, Utrecht University (1872)
  People   Franciscus Cornelius Donders (1818 - 1889)
  Instruments   Kymograph (Kagenaar)
  Objects   Human beings
ISSN 1866-4784: reference - xlink