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Münsterberg's Photoplays - continued...


This essay would not have been possible without the invaluable help of Rand B. Evans and the Virtual Laboratory staff, in particular Kaja Kruse and Michael Behr. Rand and Kaja were crucial in identifying many of the instruments on the laboratory photographs that are presented and discussed here, while Michael provided the technical support for establishing smart links between these photographs and the other holdings of the VL. Thanks also to Julia Kursell, Matthias M. Weber and Wolfgang Burgmair for contributing to decipher the signatures on Münsterberg’s Freiburg photo. Thanks to Urs Schoepflin for helping in ordering and acquiring digitized versions of the photographs. Eventually, I gratefully acknowledge permission by the Harvard University Archives and the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology for publishing their material on this web site.


Reference: Schmidgen, Henning. 2008. Münsterberg's Photoplays: Instruments and Models in his Laboratories at Freiburg and Harvard (1891-1893). The Virtual Laboratory (ISSN 1866-4784),