Todd, Robert Bentley, ed. 1836-52. The Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology. 4 Vols. London: Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper.

Cephalopoda, Cephalopods (by Owen, Richard)
Cerumen (by Brande, W. T.)
Cervical Nerves - see Spinal nerves (by Ward, Nathaniel)
Cetacea (by Cuvier, F.)
Cheiroptera (by Bell, T.)
Cicatrix (by Dodd, A. T. S.)
Cilia (by Sharpey, W.)
Circulation (in physiology) (by Thomson, Allen)
Cirrhopoda (by Coldstream, John)
Cirronosis (by Todd, R. B.)
Colloid - see Scirrhus [Referenced headword does not exist]
Conchifera (by Hayes, G. P. des)
Contractility (by Alison, W. P.)
Cranium (by Malyn, J.)
Crustacea, Crustaceans (by Milne Edwards, H.)
Cyst (by Phillips, B.)
Death (by Symonds, J. A.)
Diaphragm (by Benson, Charles)
Digestion (by Bostock, J.)
Digestive Canal (by Grant, R. E.)
Echinodermata (by Sharpey, W.)
Edentata (by Bell, T.)
Elasticity (by Brenan, John E.)
Elbow, Region of the (by Hart, J.)
Electricity, Animal (by Coldstream, John)
Endosmosis (by Dutrochet, H.)
Entozoa (by Owen, R.)
Erectile tissue (by Hart, J.)
Excretion (by Alison, W. P.)
Extremity (by Todd, R. B.)
Eye (by Jacob, Arthur)
Face (by Partridge, R.)
Fascia (by Todd, R. B.)
Fat (by Brande, W. T.)
Femoral artery (by Alcock, B.)
Fibrine (by Brande, W. T.)
Fibro-Cartilage (by Todd, R. B.)
Fibrous tissue (by Grainger, R. D.)
Fibular Artery (by Todd, R. B.)
Fifth pair of nerves (by Alcock, B.)
Foot, Bones of the (by Todd, R. B.)
Foot, Regions of the (by Dodd, A. T. S. )
Forme-arm (by Solly, Samuel)
Forth pair of nerves (by Alcock, B.)