Todd, Robert Bentley, ed. 1836-52. The Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology. 4 Vols. London: Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper.

Sympathetic Nerve (by Drummond, J.)
Sympathetic nerve - see Supplement [Referenced headword does not exist]
Sympathy (by Todd, R. B.)
Synovia (by Rees, Owen G.)
Taste (by Carpenter, William B.)
Tegumentary Organs (by Huxley, T. H.)
Temperament (by Todd, R. B.)
Temporo-maxillary articulation (by Pittard, S. R.)
Teratology (by Vrolik, W.)
Testicle (Human Anatomy) (by Curling, T. B.)
Thorax (by Hutchinson, J.)
Thymus gland (by Handfield, Jones C.)
Thyroid gland (by Handfield, Jones C.)
Tibio-fibular articulations (by M'Dowel, B. Geo.)
Tongue (by Salter, Hyde H.)
Touch (by Carpenter, W. B.)
Tunicata (by Jones, Rupert T.)
Urethra (by Adams, John)
Urine (by Rees, Owen G.)
Varieties of mankind (by Carpenter, W. B.)
Vein (by Salter, H. )
Vertebral column - see Supplement [Referenced headword does not exist]
Vesicula prostatica (by Leuckart, Rud.)
Vesicula seminales (by Pittard, S. R.)
Vision (by White Cooper, W.)
Vital statistics (by Guy W. A.)
Voice (by Bishop, John)
Wormiana ossa - see Cranium (by Malyn, J.)
Œsophagus (by Johnson, G.)