Richet, Charles, ed. 1895-1928. Dictionnaire de physiologie. 10 Vols. Paris: Alcan.

Note: The Dictionnaire has not been completed, the last volume no. 10 ends with the letters 'MO'.

Choroide (by Nuel)
Chorèe (by Triboulet, H.)
Chromatolyse (by Retterer, Ed.)
Chromatophores (by Schépiloff, Catherina)
Chromatopsie [Referenced headword does not exist]
Chrome (by Chassevant, Allyre)
Chromidrose (by Triboulet, H.)
Chyle (by Portier, P.)
Chylifères (by Portier, P.)
Chéiroptères - see Chauve- Souris (by Trouessart, E.)
Chéloniens [Referenced headword does not exist]
Cicatrisation (by Mauclaire)
Cicutine (by Livon. Ch.)
Cidre (by Abelous, J. E.)
Cigue - see Cicutine (by Livon. Ch.)
Cils Vibratils (by Engelmann, Th. W.)
Cinchonanime - see Cinchonine (by Langlois, P.)
Cinchonidine - see Cinchonine (by Langlois, P.)
Cinchonine (by Langlois, P.)
Circonvolutions - see Cerveau I. Historique (by Soury, Jules)
Circulation (by Fredericq, Léon)
Coagulation du Sang (by Fredericq, Léon)
Cobalt (by Chassevant, Allyre)
Cobaye I. Anatomie (by Livon, Ch.)
Cobaye II. Anatomie (by Livon, Ch.)
CocaÏne (by Livon, Ch.)
Colchicine (by Richet, Ch.)
Coloration - see Pigmentation [Referenced headword does not exist]
Commotion (by Mauclaire)