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Psychological Laboratory, University of Texas,1953

Source: Dallenbach, Karl M. 1953. The Psychological Laboratory of the University of Texas. American Journal of Psychology 61: 90-104 view the source
spacerTopics olfaction/ smell & taste
optics/ sight/ visual sensations
animal psychology (behaviorism, ethology); clinical psychology (psychopathology); psychology (experimental, physiol.)
spacer Technology
spacer- Instruments
spacerObjects human beings (unspec.)
spacer People
spacer- Head Karl M. Dallenbach (1887-1971)
spacer- Assistants
spacer- Architects
spacer- Others
Experiments: not yet available
Associated Journals: American Journal of Psychology
Related Literature: the olfactorium is described by
Dean Foster, E. H. Scoifield & K. M. Dallenbach, An olfactorium, The American Journal of Psychology, 63 (1950): 431-440
Further Descriptions:
ISSN 1866-4784: reference - xlink