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Institute of Physiology (Hallerianum), University of Bern,1928

Source: Asher, Leon. 1928. Institute of Physiology (Hallerianum), University of Bern. Methods and Problems of Medical Education, no. 10: 157-166 view the source
spacerTopics metabolism
physiological chemistry; physical chemistry; physiology (exp., animal, comp.)
spacer Technology
spacer- Instruments kymograph
sensitive thread galvanometer (Hartmann & Braun)
chemical work table
apparatus for micro gas analysis and tonometric determination
respiration apparatus
galvanometer (DuBois & Rubens)
automatic mercurial air-pump (Raps-Kossel)
polarization apparatus
string galvanometer (Stoppani & Fahr)
Tissot respiration spirometer
Jaquet respiration apparatus
Grafe head box
gas meter
Haldane gas analysis apparatus
Kronecker apparatus for artificial respiration
Kohlrauch projection apparatus (Schmidt & Haensch)
projection apparatus (Leitz)
bellows for artificial respiration
apparatus for the sterilization of instruments
apparatus for the provision of sterile destilled water
Morin's apparatus
time registration apparatus
compensating and gauging aparatus
Wertheim-Salomonson microscope
Foucault damper
spacerObjects frogs
human beings (unspec.)
spacer People
spacer- Head Hugo Kronecker (Gr├╝ndungsdirektor)
Leon Asher (since 1914)
spacer- Assistants I. Abelin
N. Scheinfinkel
spacer- Architects Stempkowski
Hugo Kronecker
spacer- Others
Experiments: not yet available
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