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[Mosso, Angelo]. n.d. [Untitled notebook]. n.d.
[Mosso, Angelo]. 17.07.1883. [Graphical recordings: pulse]. 2 items. 1883
[Mosso, Angelo]. n.d. Note sui movimenti del cervello di Bertini. n.d.
[Mosso,] Angelo. n.d. [Letter to Emilio]. n.d.
[Mosso, Angelo]. n.d. [Letter from Angelo Mosso]. n.d.
[Mosso, Angelo]. 03.03.1903. [Graphical recordings: pulse]. 2 items. 1903
[Mosso, Angelo]. n.d. [Laboratory notes]. n.d.
[Mosso, Angelo]. 31.01.1890. [Graphical recordings]. 1 item. 1890
[Mosso, Angelo]. n.d. Accidente del Monte Bianco. n.d.
[Mosso, Angelo]. [1894]. Barone Peccoz [notebook, including correspondence, newspaper clippings]. [1894]
[Mosso, Angelo]. 03.03.1890. [Graphical recordings: fatigue]. 1 item. 1890
[Mosso, Angelo]. n.d. Letteratura sangue 10. [notebook, vol. 19]. n.d.
[Mosso, Angelo]. 1890. [Graphical recordings: fatigue]. 1 item. 1890
[Mosso, Angelo]. n.d. [Untitled manuscript pages] (= Fascicolo: Dr Angelo Mosso). n.d.
[Mosso, Angelo]. 06.04.1882. [Graphical recordings: respiration]. 1 item. 1882
[Mosso, Angelo]. 20.06.1882. [Graphical recordings: pulse]. 2 items. 1882
[Mosso, Angelo]. 19.12.1909. [Letter to Mimi (Maria Mosso)]. 1909
[Mosso, Angelo]. n.d. [Graphical recordings (fatigue), mounted on sheet of paper with notes]. n.d.
[Mosso, Angelo]. 19.03.1881. [Graphical recordings: pulse]. 1 item. 1881
[Mosso, Angelo]. n.d. [Graphical recordings: fatigue]. 1 item. n.d.
[Mosso, Angelo]. n.d. [Graphical recordings: respiration]. 1 item. n.d.
[Mosso, Angelo]. 1885. Appunti sul Monte Rosa 1885 e 1894 [Laboratory notebook vol. 8, part 1: 1885]. 1885
[Mosso, Angelo]. 08.08.1894. [Graphical recordings: respiration]. 1 item. 1894
[Mosso, Angelo]. 06.06.1903. [Letter to Mimi (Maria Mosso)]. 1903
Mosso, Angelo. 21.04.1863. [Graphical recordings: pulse]. 1 item. 1863