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This search is an experimental full-text search based on automatic OCR on a constantly growing corpus of selected sources.

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The search is based on Lucene, so you can use the Lucene Query Syntax, e.g.

  • negative Empfindungswerte searches for negative or Empfindungswerte
  • negative AND Empfindungswerte searches for negative and Empfindungswerte
  • "negative Empfindungswerte" searches for negative Empfindungswerte
  • Empfindungswerte~ searches for Words similar to Empfindungswerte
  • "negative Empfindungswerte"~10 searches for Words similar to negative and Empfindungswerte separate by up to 10 words

Technical Credit: Automatic OCR is done with tesseract and OCRopus(tm)