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[Heart Beat]

Effects of vagus nerve stimulation on the heart beat

Baxt, N., 1875

  Source   Baxt, N. 1875. Über die Stellung des nervus vagus zum nervus accelerans cordis. Arbeiten aus der Physiologischen Anstalt zu Leipzig: 179-228 view the source
  Figures   1: Slide inductor by du Bois-Reymond with Helmholtz' facilities; 2: Electrodes for engrained nerves according to Ludwig ; 3: Kymograph with endless paper; 4: Spring manometer according to Fick with Bourdon's tube;
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  Sites   Physiological Institute, University of Leipzig (1870)
  People   N. Baxt
Carl Ludwig (1816 - 1895)
  Instruments   Slide inductor
Fick's spring manometer
Respiration apparatus
  Objects   Dogs
ISSN 1866-4784: reference - xlink