Todd, Robert Bentley, ed. 1836-52. The Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology. 4 Vols. London: Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper.

Porifera (by Jones, Rymer T.)
Products, Adventitious (by Walshe, Walter Hayle)
Prostate gland (by Adams, John)
Protein (by Bowman, J. E.)
Pteropoda (by Jones, Rymer T.)
Pulse (by Guy, William A.)
[Purse] - see Scrotum (by Brinton, William)
Quadrumana (by Vrolik, W.)
Radial and ulnar arteries (by Brinton, William)
Radio-ulnar articulations (by Brinton, William)
Ren (by Johnson, George)
Reptilia (by Jones, Rymer T.)
Respiration, Organs of (by Williams, Thomas )
Rodentia (by Jones, Rymer T.)
Rotifera, or Rotatoria (by Lankester, Edwin)
Ruminantia (by Spencer- Cobbold, T.)
Ruminantia - see Supplement [Referenced headword does not exist]
Saliva (by Rees, Owen G.)
Salivary glands (by Ward, Nathaniel)
Scrotum (by Brinton, William)
Secretion (by Carpenter, W. B.)
Semen, Sperm (by Wagner, Rud. and Leuckart, Rud.)
Sensation (by Todd, R. B.)
Sensibility (by Todd, R. B.)
Serous and synovial membranes (by Brinton, William)
Sesamoid bones (by Pittard, S. R.)
Seventh pair of nerves (by Brinton, William)
Shell (by Carpenter, W. B.)
Sixth pair of nerves (by Brinton, William)
Skeleton (by Maclise, Joseph)
Sleep (by Carpenter, W. B.)
Smell (by Carpenter, W. B.)
Softening and Induration (by Duncan, Martin P.)
Solipeda (by Jones, Rymer T.)
Spinal accessory nerve (by Reid, John)
Spinal nerves (by Ward, Nathaniel)
Spleen (by Kölliker, Albert)
Statistics, Vital - see Vital statistics (by Guy W. A.)
Stomach and Intestinal canal - see Supplement [Referenced headword does not exist]
Stomach and Intestine (by Brinton, William)
Subclavian arteries (by M'Dowel, B. Geo.)
Supra-renal capsules (by Frey, Heinrich)
Sweat (by Rees, Owen G.)
Symmetry (by Pittard, S. R.)